B90 is a new music venue in the city of Gdańsk, sited within the historic Gdańsk Shipyard at easy walking distance to the historic city centre (a ten-minute walk). It forms a symbiotic, alternative space for independent arts created in the industrial scenery set up amongst old cranes, slipways and other industrial facilities. It is the venue for people looking for thrilling impressions as regards a cultural map of Gdańsk. The club hosts alternative, electronic, jazz and metal gigs. There are also theatre performances, film shows and company events.

The venue is 1600 square metres in area and has a capacity of 2000 people. B90, the largest concert venue in Tricity, comprises two stages supplied with a high quality sound system and superb lighting equipment. Highly professional service and superb soundproofing create one of the best European concert venues as regards good acoustics.

In the summertime, a three-day international festival of alternative music is held in B90 club. The festival`s goal is to create a robust music milieu in opposition to commercial entertainment. B90 forms a base for Soundrive.pl music website affording an opportunity to perform its mission, which is to create a firm, alternative music scene.The venue that has been in the market for a mere 18 months was nominated as the ‘Miejsce Roku 2013’ by Aktivist magazine, for the ‘SUPERHIRO’ award in the category of ‘Venue’ by Hiro magazine, and the ‘Klub Roku 2014’ award by the Brand New Anthem website.